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Pressure Washing Salem is the premier pressure washing company serving the Salem area. We provide the professional exterior cleaning services needed to maintain the life of your roof, home and concrete. We pressure clean and sanitize all outdoor surfaces, including gutters, decks, patios, overhangs, railings, retaining walls, rv's, fences and more.

There is no job too big for our team. The job is not complete until you, our customer, are 100% satisfied. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. Our team is loaded with trained experts in the pressure washing field, with commercial graded equipment to get the job done right the first time.

  • House Wash
  • Roof Wash
  • Gutter Clean
  • Driveway Cleaning
  • Deck Cleaning

We Provide Our Best Cleaning Services for You.

From start to end, we are completely dedicated to you and your property. Our commitment is offering the greatest assistance to every single client, each and every time.

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We Will Make Absolutely Any Place Clean, Neat & Tidy.


We keep it simple. We make it easy, smooth and stress free. We find out your needs, give you a solution, then execute. It's that simple!


If we can't efficiently perform the job, we will tell you. If there was an accident on the job site, we would tell you. There will be no secrets, only accountability.

Licensed + Insured + Bonded

We have insurance to cover any and all future accidents. We are licensed, trained professionals, with a $5,000 bond to ensure all projects are covered.

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Every project is a little different based on the time and materials involved.

Contractors who just give you a price based on the square footage of your house or driveway, etc. without seeing it are doing you a disservice in our opinion.

We prefer to see every project in advance if possible. You don’t necessarily need to be there but that is how we can give you the most accurate price. And that price will be the bottom line.

There won’t be any surprises when the project is done. If you would like a ballpark price, you can always text some photos or information about your project to (503)990-4527 or email us on –

Great Question – Soft Washing is a cleaning method that uses very low pressure and soaps to clean instead of pressure. This method, unlike pressure washing, can safely remove mold, bacteria, mildew and other growth from your roof and siding.

High pressure penetrates surfaces, removing all dirt but sometimes more than that. High pressure can easily chip paint, spread oxidation already on the home, and can even cause water damage. Pressure washing your roof will shorten your roofs life span by taking off several layers of rock, but it also voids your roof’s warranty. This is why we use a low pressure, soft wash method to clean your investments.

Of course, and many homeowners try however without the proper training and knowledge; the average person may do extensive damage to their property. Study’s have shown that for every new project a homeowner works on, there are about six conflicts that arise, and sometimes that can start to get expensive.

Even if someone knows what they are doing, “homeowner” type machines from big box stores like Home Depot are too underpowered to produce results quickly. It’s not the amount of pressure that’s a problem but the low flow rate that needs to be increased.

GPM ( gallons per minute ) is what really allows you to clean a big portion of the surface in a short amount of time. We come across homes weekly with permanent etch marks due to improper use.

If your handyman isn’t careful, serious damage can be done to your home and property. What they often lack is the high grade equipment and the knowledge required to get good results.

Absolutely. We carry a one million dollar liability plan. Due to privacy concerns, all requests for our insurance policy number must be made via phone. You can reach us anytime @ (503)990-4527 or email –

Common practice is to get yearly maintenance for your roof, gutters, siding and concrete. If you allow your investments to accumulate mildew and mold for several years, severe irreversible aging will be done.

Here at Pressure Washing Salem, we recommend to get maintenance done twice a year. This way your property stays spotless year round, and because it doesn’t have time to accumulate any dirt, the service will be much cheaper.

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Why Roof Cleaning is Important.

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Unclean surface can lead you to unwanted accident. 11

Unclean Surface can Lead you to Unwanted Accident.

Unclean surface can lead you to unwanted accident. Pressure washing has continued to be a


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