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A recent study revealed that by simply being in a clean space, 60% of people are less stressed; 72% are more productive; 72% slept better and 77% can focus better.

House Washing is one of the many essential services we provide Salem. You may have noticed that since being on quarantine, your home is beginning to accumulate mildew, dirt, webs and other gross organic growth. Pressure Washing Salem uses a low pressure “soft wash” method to safely kill all organic growth on your home, windows and gutters. Our trained crews will turn your dirty home shiny clean every time.

We know from experience that each project is different. Before we begin any job, we always carefully examine the condition, material, and age of your home’s siding. A common situation we run into all the time is “oxidation” of your sidings paint. Oxidation is hugely unpredictable and will possibly smear and make unwanted marks on your home’s siding due to washing it. This condition must be treated or repainted for the best results.

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Our dedication is to provide the highest quality service and best customer experience to each and every customer.

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From start to finish, we are fully dedicated to providing the highest-quality service and customer experience to you and your property.

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